Monday, November 5, 2012

Always aim higher

by Mathew Muema

Last Saturday’s weather proved many of us wrong, as the chilly temperature were not friendly to what we are used here. In most cases our weather is warmer, but today was rains pouring at intervals. Anyway, that didn’t deter me from accomplishing  my mission for the day as planned trip to Meru was still on. The journey takes around 5hours for a distance of more than 200 kilometers. This is one of the counties in Kenya that boosts of growing plenty of coffee and tea due to the high attitude and famously known to export khat (miraa).

My destination was St Lucy High School, a boarding school for the visually impaired, to pay a school visit of one our sponsored student Cyrus Renji. The journey went well without any hitches and upon arrival at the school, Cyrus was there to welcome me.

My visit ended up to sharing experiences of how Cyrus has been managing while at the school four years down the line after he became blind. He still remembers the experience and that has not pulled him down but has been an inspiration for him to work hard in his studies.

 Cyrus notes, with a smile,  that was it not for Uweza, then his life would have taken another twist. “I still value important people who came into my life at that time like Mark (Cyrus' sponsor),  Jen (Uweza Managing Director) and you Mathew for being like a big brother and helping me to get everything I need. This support has changed my perspective and I feel okay till today, ” Cyrus tells me.

He still has some challenges that he has had to cope, which he opened up to me about. " I used to enjoy playing and watching soccer but right now I can’t do any of that.  I am also an athlete but if I wish to run right now I need a guide to run. But swimming I can still do it the same way. The other challenge I am experiencing at the moment is that I am still learning how to use Braille. My speed is low but with time hopefully I will manage, “notes Cyrus.
From left: Uweza Sponsorship Coordinator Mathew Muema, Cyrus Renji, and Cyrus' class teacher Mr. Kinoti
Cyrus class teacher really appreciates his hard work considering that he was not born with the disability and that it just caught up with him as a growing student. He can do well and he has commendable discipline while at school.

As the day came to an end, I must say I had a good day in the company of Cyrus, who is a story teller.  One can never get bored in his company. His still thankful and thoughtful of the person who is assisting to paying his school fees and will continue to devote all is energy to doing well in his studies.

Mathew Muema is Uweza's wonderful Sponsorship Coordinator who regularly travels to all ends of Kenya to make sure that our sponsored students are well taken care of.

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