Thursday, November 1, 2012

Empowering today's generation

by Thomas Bwire

“Teacher! teacher! I know the answer,” is what I get to hear as I arrive in one of the classroom hosting the pupils undertaking their evening remedial classes. The session is on and one of the teachers, Isaiah Apondi is carrying our some revision on one of the taught subjects science.

Today’s session is about the environment, things that surround us where we all live. “Yes I need someone to tell me what the definition of the word environment is?" asks teacher Isaiah to his participating pupils in his class. At this point I see almost the whole class raise their hands hoping they will be picked to answer the asked question.

A section of the pupils participating in the lesson
Teacher Isaiah is one of the teachers working for Uweza and he teaches primary children different school taught subjects. Session are carried out during the week after the normal school program, where pupils come from different respective schools and engage one to one with the teachers.  The goal is to help pupils to have an understanding of  the subjects taught while at school and also as a supplement to their academic work.

Checking over students books
A discussion with teacher Isaiah reveals that he tries to help all the pupils come to the same level in terms of what they learn while in school, since they all come from different respective local schools around. His passion is to see pupils do well in school and that more emphasis is invested in their end of the term exams.

Pupils keenly following the lesson
“Here we give an opportunity for each child to approach the teacher with any need and we supplement by assisting so that by the end of the day, they can do well in their studies. We act as a bridge between their schools just by supplementing what might have been left out,” notes teacher Isaiah.

His parting shot is that being a teacher is a calling.  He would like to encourage anyone willing to get into the teaching industry that a teacher’s fulfillment is to share knowledge to the generations and see them prosper into young responsible citizens once they ae through with their academic studies. And with that, I was done with teacher Isaiah and stole a few moments to get good photos of him interacting with his class.

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