Monday, November 26, 2012

Life Skils All Ladies Should Know

by Rebecca Musanga

Life skills is next to common sense but as we know sometimes this skill is not as common among many individuals. In life, we undergo numerous and different transitions that enable us to move to the next step of success. On a bright Saturday morning, the 24th of November, Uweza Foundation organized a ladies life skills forum and the young ladies who came were from the different programs that it provides.

The main aim of the forum was to educate young ladies about the mandatory skills that they need to apply in their daily lives. Under the guidance our beloved, respected teacher Lydia, we all sat down, regardless of our age, to listen and learn more about life. Teacher Lydia dwelled mostly on the proper way of hygiene.

The major points she tackled were as follows:
  • The proper way of bathing where we were advised to always have a shower at least twice in a day.
  • Brushing of our teeth at least twice in a day.
  • Wearing clean clothes daily.
  • Always to use a white tissue when visiting the toilet and wash our hands regularly.
  •  Wearing well fitting pants that should always be dry and clean to avoid getting infections.
  • During the monthly period to use recommended pads and disposing them correctly.
  • Get a better education and after that a career which will enable us to live a pleasing life.
  • To abstain from sex until marriage since one can contract various diseases, some of which, like HIV and AIDS, don’t have any cure.
  • Respect to our elders especially our parents and to the laws provided in the constitution.
  • Shaving of pubic and armpit hair to avoid bad smell and other complications 
  • Above all to keep our dignity through earning a good education, happiness good social and moral values and reverence for God.
The explanations to this session were in depth, which left us with no questions to ask but more knowledge to acquire. “Our life as ladies is like an egg, it can easily break, we are like flowers that need proper care to blossom or else we can fade anytime,” said teacher Lydia as she concluded.

We all had a great time and did not want the session to end. Everyone had a great time to enjoy the snacks that were provided as we promised to share the knowledge with the other young ladies who were absent. Truly, life skills should be a mandatory subject in all learning institutions to remind people on the good morals and ethics of life.

Rebecca Musanga is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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