Monday, November 12, 2012

My Story: Uweza Sponsorship House

My Story" gives beneficiaries of Uweza programs the opportunity to tell their own story about their experience with Uweza. Today's story comes from five Kibera adolescents who have moved into a house together that is paid for by Uweza.  In Kibera, most adolescent boys are considered adults and are expected to find a place to sleep outside of their family homes.  The authors of today's story are high school students who had particularly difficult living situations, which prompted Uweza to intervene.

by Ali Juma, Charles Omondi, Erick Ondimu, Michael Kubasu, and Steven Okello

Opportunities are very rare to find. This is because, nowhere in this planet earth, will you find someone who sacrifices to guarantee all your requirements such as paying your school fees, providing a shelter for you, and lastly ensuring that you get food.  We are boldly appreciating for all that Uweza Foundation has provided us with. The opportunity that you have given to us is a wonderful and visionary idea that has enabled us to focus ahead.  We thank you for everything.

Before we entered this house, most of us went through a lot of challenges in life such as lack of school fees, food problems, housing problems, and lastly difficulty learning.  Learning was the most serious problem that most of us had.  First, we lacked resources such as textbooks.  The place to study was a major problem.  Time management was a serious issue.  Most of us could also be influenced by friends that were negative influences.

Erick Ondimu and Charles Omondi
 The house is located opposite K.A.G. near Ceno Grounds in Kibera.  The house is cemented from inside to outside. The floor and the walls are cemented wonderfully. The walls are painted in a white color which makes it look deliberately good.  The iron-sheet is well built in that leaking problems during raining are minimal.

Uweza Foundation has provided us with facilities such as beds that have made us sleep comfortable without worries.  We have, enough food that has made us to be so energetic whereby from our past appearance we looked thin but now we have changed a lot.  When you look at us, we look much more healthy than those past days.

Michael Kubasu
 We also have a place to study whereby we are able to read well without any disturbance and also we can manage our time appropriately. We have been provided with books that have enabled us to improve our academic performance.  And lastly, you have provided a house that enables us to live better.

The house has helped us live peacefully and in harmony and has brought unity between all of us.  We are all coming from different backgrounds but it is the house that Uweza has provided for us that has brought us together without looking closely at who we are and where we came from.

 With our ending remarks, we would like to appreciate Uweza Foundation for what they have done to us.  All of us have set targets/goals that are going to bear much fruit.  We promise that we are going to work hard and pass our exams well because we have all that requires a student to pass. We will pass with flying colors.  We believe that one day, we will come to surprise many with our achievements and progress.

Lastly, we will not forget the blessings and love of God that has enabled Uweza to do all of this because of us. Please continue having the same spirit of assisting people that are in need and for sure God will not forsake you but He will reward you  more.  Thank you very much and may the Almighty God bless you (Uweza) all the time.

From left: Steven Okello, Erick Ondimu, Ali Juma, Charles Omondi, and Michael Kubasu

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