Thursday, November 29, 2012

Uweza Kibra League Awards

by Sharon Akinyi

On Sunday 25th November, we went to the field as part of our Journalism Club activities.  We went to watch the Uweza Kibra League awards ceremony, which was held at Toi Primary School.  Many children attended the function in order to cheer for their team and accept their awards for the 2012 season.  The league is held annually and includes teams from throughout Kibera.

I first interviewed a coach known as Abel, who coaches Marren FC.  He told me that the team deals with players 8 years old to 15 years old.  The club has approximately 50 players. Abel told me that they had played thirty games as a part of the Uweza Kibra League and finished the season with 80 points.

Journalism Club members interviewing League Coordinator Joash Ngaira
Joash Ngaira, the league coordinator and Uweza coach for Under-12, was hoping for his team to win.  Before they played their match, I asked him what he hoped for.  He answered, "as a coach, I only expect the best and that's winning."

Uweza Under-8 played a match with Brothers Under-8 and won the match 1-0.  Henry Waweru, a young and ambitious player, scored the goal for Uweza.  Their coach Said was happy because they did not draw.  He said that Henry Waweru was one of his best players on the Under-8 team. "He has determination even though he is small.  He knows where he wants to reach and to him, not even the sky is the limit.," he told me.  The Uweza Under-8 team usually trains on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  They are almost 25 in number. 

Uweza Under-8 vs. Brothers Under-8
The opponents of Uweza were not sad.  I interviewed the Brothers FC coach, Edu, who thought the game was cool but "the minutes were very few."  I asked him who his best player was he and he told me they were two, named Diblo and Imoli.  In the next match, coach Abel's team Marren FC came head to head with coach Joash's team Uweza Under-12. Even though they played and fought tooth and nail for a victory, the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

After the match, we went to the awards ceremony.  Coach Joash encouraged all of the players to keep putting more effort into everything they do and in improving their talents in football.  The guest of honor, known as "Solo," who is a former international soccer player, told the players to set goals and play well in order to view themselves like their role models.

Uweza Team Manager Charles Kaindi addresses the players and coaches
"Solo" also told them that they had to be disciplined. "You could be doing well in everything but without discipline, you won't go anywhere."  Many prizes and awards were given to different teams. The first prize for Best Defender went to Quinter Anyango of the Uweza Queens (girls team).  Top Scorer of the Uweza Kibra League was Rashid Abdul of Marren FC, with 21 goals.   The prize for the Most Disciplined went to Juma Suleiman of Marren FC.

Slum Soka team captain accepts certificate on behalf of his team
The winning teams for Under-8 and overall categories received certificates, medals and a trophy.  Truly, all that starts well ends well.  The league for the year was over and was closed by Managing Director Jen Sapitro.  She thanked each and every one for coming and participating.  

Marren FC players with their first place trophy

Sharon Akinyi is 14 years old and a member of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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