Saturday, November 17, 2012

We are on the move

by Nicholas Gisemba

Sunday the 11th of November was a day to remember as one of our new programs, the Uweza Cultural Troupe, was lucky enough to be invited to perform at a wedding outside Kibera. The group has been meeting since August to sharpen their dancing skills and recently had their first performance at Uweza Soccer Academy's Prize Giving day. The group meets every Sunday and brings together youth from throughout Kibera to learn dances from different Kenyan cultures.

The wedding was held along Thika road at St. Bernard Catholic Parish, where the bride and the groom were having the best day of their lives. The service went well with the parish priest giving word of encouragement to the newlyweds. Time came for the Uweza dancing group, wearing their new dancing costumes and shoes, to perform and everyone was impressed by their dancing styles.

For sure their performance was not a disappointment as wedding guests were treated to lively moves and were very impressed. According to their trainer Mr. Antony Juma, his task has been to train the youngsters in dancing skills, since it’s also like a sport to relax one’s mind and also enjoy oneself.  The Cultural Troupe was able to participate in wedding festivities and enjoyed a meal of rice, chapati, and meat as appreciation for their performing.  The group returned back to Kibera at night, after a day of enjoyment.

The wedding guests were so happy with the performance that one of the guests made an approach to the club if they can also perform in another wedding, which took place today. Antony’s vision for the group is to see them continue to perform at many events outside of Kibera to bring more exposure for Kibera youth outside of Kibera, to showcase their talents, and to gain sponsorship for the program.

Watch a video clip of the performance below and contact us at or 0706823283 to book the Uweza Cultural Troupe to perform at your event!

Nicholas Gisemba is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club. 

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