Friday, December 14, 2012

Be Inspired Before You Expire

Story by Dorcas Kirwai
Photos by Rebecca Musanga

The afternoon of last week journalism session was one of its kind.  Despite the cloudy and windy weather, we all settled down ready to be informed with the two journalists from a local community radio station based in Kibera, Pamoja FM, Felix  Asoha and Kamadi Amata. The session started with formal introductions so as each one of us could get well acquainted.

As routine now, we had our newspaper review session, which gives all participants an avenue to read through the day’s dailies, after which everyone shares one news story they read.  We also share news happenings from the past week so as each one of us could get up to speed with current news affairs, both locally to nationally, and even international news.

The day gave each one of us an opportunity to preview one of the toughest interviews we have had never ever thought about. The interview had Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and Nation Media News Manager Linus Kaikai.

The video was to give us more insights of different interview techniques to use, should any one of us get into such a situation.  Then it would be easier to use learned skills to take charge and overcome
The interview was not that easy for Linus Kakai, the interviewee seemed to have taken charge and kept on challenging the interviewer with questions rather than answers. This kept us thinking if any of us were in that hot spot, how would we have handled interview?

Felix  Asoha and Kamadi Amata of Pamoja FM
All of us present were asked to give our feedback about the interview. Mr. Felix could not hesitate to teach us on how to prepare oneself before any interview. He featured on information, stating that, we should always be informed especially when going for an interview to avoid questions of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and to do thorough research before any interview.

We all had the opportunity of getting informed at least from people already working from a media house what it takes to prepare beforehand for an interview be it with celebrities, locals and even dignitaries. From the video piece we all watched, I think we are better off and would be looking forward to put into practice a few of new learnt ideas on interviewing skills.

Our day ended with a simple but a challenging game and the nutritious cup of porridge.

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