Monday, December 17, 2012

My Story: Dorcas Kirwai

My Story" gives beneficiaries of Uweza programs the opportunity to tell their own story about their experience with Uweza.  Today's story is written by Dorcas Kirwai, who just finished Class 6 at St. Anne's Primary School, which is a boarding school.  Dorcas ranks at the top of her class during exams and is targeting a national high school to fulfill her dreams of being a lawyer and a journalist.  During breaks from school, she is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club and frequently writes stories about other Uweza projects for this blog. 

My name is Dorcas Kirwai.  I am thirteen years old, learning in Saint Anne's Primary School and going to class seven next year. I live with a mother who came to my rescue when my mother died while I was still young.  I, Kirwai Dorcas, would like to inherit the title "journalist," follwing the footsteps of my role model Julie Gichuru (Kenyan journalist working for Citizen TV).  I would also like to work with the children's department as a lawyer.  As Ben Carson illustrates to us, to 'THINK BIG,' I believe 'YES I CAN.'

I joined the Uweza Journalism Club in November 201.  Since I joined, I have experienced different and good things.  The most exciting time is when I wrote stories after every visit.  Our teacher, Thomas, has taught us how to take different kinds of photos.  During the August school holidays, we as a journalism club, has the opportunity to visit two media houses, which gave us an insight of how they are run. The stations were Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, a state owned media house, and Citizen Televsion, a privately owned media house.
Dorcas, left, with fellow Journalism Club member Aisha
The trips gave us great priviledge to meet some of the news anchors, who shared their experiences and what it takes to be a journalist.  This gave me good motivation, knowing that I am on the right track with my career path.

Mostly, when I go back to boarding school, I usually share with the other members of our school what we learned during the holidays.  I am very proud of myself, my journalism teacher, and the Uweza Foundation for their thoughts to empower young people with rightful skills as we look ahead to the future.

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