Thursday, December 6, 2012

Speak It Out: First Edition

by Thomas Bwire

The center was filled with youthful faces, all waiting in anticipation for the day’s afternoon session that was going to be the first of its kind in our programs. This came timely as majority of the kids in different programs were now on holiday and home from their respective schools.

It’s five minutes past 3pm as scheduled on the program and small murmurs in low tones could be heard outside the sitting bay where benches were neatly arranged and filled up by the participants. Being one of the moderators of the session, with Sponsorship Coordinator Mathew Muema, we took charge of the program by introductory remark  and making every one present feel at ease since it was a day specifically to speak out their minds on one of the key topical issues in life, "Choosing a Career."

The number of the adolescent in attendance was 58 for the first session of “Speak It Out.” Speak It Out is a new project that brings in guest speakers to engage and motivate youth ages 14 and up about issues that are important to them.

Today's topic touched on best choices for university admission, how to choose your future career and what it takes to succeed in the soccer field. Our first speaker Charle gave an inspiration talk on what it takes to be a good academic scholar and on choosing the right course when one wants to join campus.

Charles addressing the group
Charles also encouraged the participation of all participants wanting to know how one can join campus to pursue their dream courses. Different aspects were presented by Charles whom also shared a little bit of his experience which ended to be very motivational.

The second speaker was someone who is viewed as a soccer guru and seen by many as a hero. Godfrey Otieno, known by many here as Solo, shared his experiences of what it takes to excel in the soccer industry. The majority of those present followed keenly and wanted to get a better understanding of skills needed to succeed in the soccer industry. The talk revolved around his experience and how he started playing soccer at a young age.

Solo discusses how to develop a career out of talents
Solo explained that he would always play with his friends and whenever he noticed her mother passing by in the field, he would enact all the tactful moves so as to get noticed and also get support. His passion has seen him travel to many African countries as a player and he has also played for the national team, Harambee Stars.

Finally, the speakers were able to answer some of the questions from all the participants.  Each of the participants filled out an evaluation form to provide their feedback for future sessions, which will take place every month.  Participants appreciated the new initiative and requested to learn more about topics such as drug and alcohol addition, family breakup, relationships, peer pressure, and drugs. The session came to a close with snacks for everyone involved.

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