Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you Emily

by Thomas Bwire

Emily Townsend has been working as an assistant teacher in the journalism club at Uweza Foundation from the month of February. She had an opportunity to interact with young up-coming journalists in the club based in the Kibera community.

During her period of engagement with the club, she was able to impact skills to the participants that one requires when becoming a trained journalist. Part of the sessions involved teaching the key elements in news writing, i.e.  “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.”  Her presentations in some of the sessions she participated in were lively as this created an avenue for opening up among the students in the club.

Many view her as a mentor, as she got to encourage and ask everyone to have a focused goal of what they need to achieve in their journalism career. Besides working with Uweza, she also worked as an intern at the voice of Kibera, Pamoja FM, a local radio station.

Emily hails from Lansing, Michigan in the USA and majors in Journalism and Philosophy at Kalamazoo College.  We wish her well as she goes back to the US this week. Her presence will highly be missed back with the club members and all those who had an opportunity to interact with her.

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Anonymous said...

Inspiring work Emily.

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